Welcome to Wicketts.net!  

The Wicketts.net community is driven by our desire to have fun learning, and have fun playing.

Computing is not just turning on a computer and working diligently in an application.  Computing can range from virtualization to network infrastructure and we love every bit of it.  Installing Xen just to compare it to ESXi is something we consider fun.  

We work in IT, so every once and a while we take a much needed break from critical thinking and dive into some gaming.  



Learning about computing is as simple as searching on Google.  What you might find is some short answers on how to get what you want done.  However, you may find that your answer is nowhere to be found.  

Our goal is to figure out processes to accomplish goals in computing and document them as thoroughly as possible.  You shouldn't have to be a professional to follow instructions, you should only have to go step to step, and that is the level of detail we want to document.

Not all computer problems take a lot to solve, some are simple, like restarting explorer.exe through task manager.  However, not everyone knows how to do it, so why not take 5 minutes to write it up?



We take an interest in many games, though we tend to gravitate towards FPS and RTS games.  No, not StarCraft II, we play Planetary Annihilation.  We also host a few game servers for games that we enjoy.  We welcome anyone with a passion for gaming to become a part of our community.  

A large part of gaming is knowing what you need to play, and how to troubleshoot in the event that you cannot.  A gaming and computing community would be the place to find those answers, or document them.



Registering here gives you access to our forums.  We encourage you to look through them all and become an active part of the community.